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Rev. Carolyn C. Cavaness, M.Div. - Itinerant Elder


Ministerial Staff

Rev. Carol Gilbert - Itinerant Deacon

Rev. Alexis Washington- Itinerant Deacon


Board of Stewards

Brother J. Donald “Ducky” Jackson, Jr., Co-Vice Chair

Sister Janine Baggett, Co-Vice Chair

Sister Vikki Asbury

Brother Joseph “Jody” Raines

Sister Cynthia Taylor

Sister Verona Vance

Brother Harry White

Brother Roger Mills, Emeritus

Board of Trustees

Sister Jean Hays, Vice Chair

Sister Lorraine Johnson

Sister Estelle Summers

Dr. George Smith

Brother Charles “Chuck” Thompson

Sister Jamie Burrell, Trustee-In-Training


Commission on Stewardship and Finance

Sister Janine Baggett

Sister Jamie Burrell

Sister Phylinda Peters-John

Brother Joseph “Jody” Raines

Sister Cynthia Taylor

Sister Estelle Summers

Leaders of Ministries

Sister Patricia LaRoche-Thomas, President, Mary F. Handy Women’s Missionary Society

Sister Bernice Green, President, Lay Organization

Sister Janine Baggett, Superintendent, Church School

Brother Ernest Asbury, President, Gospel Chorus

Sister Jean Hays, President, Lady Ushers

Sister Marci Brown - Coordinator, Tuesday Prayer Line

Sister Kim Howard and Sister Bernice Green, Co-Coordinators, Bethel Scholarship Ministry

Adell H & Azland Robinson Scholarship Trust Administrators

Sister Janine Baggett

Sister Lorraine Johnson

Brother Joseph “Jody” Raines

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